AnaddrSynth returns to the App Store!

Our application has been redesigned and updated with a modern touch and feel! (No more 90's Geocities mock-up look!) AnaddrSynth will receive monthly updates. So new features, fixes, and updates will show up each month!


Here are some features available in the current application version.


Create your own filters to make truly unique sounds.


Customize your unique sounds with our Low Frequency Oscillator.

Special Effects

Adjust the sound of your synth using or WAH or Delay modules!


Control the Attack, Decay, Sustain, and Release!

Arbitrary Waveform Generator

Use our Arbitrary Waveform Generator to literally draw the waveform you want.

iCloud Integration

Save and recall your settings via iCloud! So you can save as many unique sounds as you want!

What we do

Our thought process on maintaining the application..


We believe in user control. So we strive with every update to provide even more control of our application to the user.


Community driven support pages means users can also help other users. Additionally, the developers of this application will participate in these forums regularly to provide assistance to topics and our questions posted.


AnaddrSynth will be updated on a set schedule. So you can expect updates at the same time each month!

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